Hi everyone!

Since I’ve been going through withdrawals from Hawaii, I figured I would live vicariously through myself and go down memory lane!  And this is where I’m posting the full rehearsal video of the “Diva Song” from Fifth Element that I performed.  This corporate event at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid in Kona allowed me to visit Hawaii for the first time and I definitely can’t wait to be back!!  The weather was beautiful and my only regret is not extending the trip for at least a month.  Or years… It’s that amazing!  I worked with the Mark Joseph Creative Development Group and Innovative Entertainment, as well as a team of incredible dancers and musicians, and even though there was a ton of rehearsal time, we managed to have a really fun trip.  Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous picture of our pool at the waikoloa Beach Marriott.  We really didn’t get to spend enough time together.  But I’m on a mission to make it back as soon as possible!! Here are a few pictures from the crazy rehearsal and performing process:

Getting to wear the dress created for this event was an amazing experience.  The mapping was beautiful and I am truly honored to have been part of this performance.  And singing one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever had to perform while balancing that wig and holding up a giant skirt is probably one of my greatest accomplishments!  Seriously, try singing the “Diva Song” from Fifth Element in that wig and get back to me… I really never know what I’m walking into with events but I think that’s one of the things I love most about pursuing music.  It pushes me to be less of a control freak while still being as physically, mentally and vocally ready for any challenge.  And getting to visit places I might not be able to if it weren’t for singing is also a perk…

And finally, here is the video of the dress rehearsal from the event.  This is the “Diva Song” or “Il Dolce Suono” from Fifth Element.  Enjoy!




Happily Ever After

Hi everyone!

In honor of wedding season (and my one year wedding anniversary!), I wanted to share a few moments from our special day and give a few pieces of advice for a beautiful, stress free wedding.  (I promise it’s possible!)  In honor of our wedding day, November 8th, 2014, here are 8 tips for your happily ever after.

Make it Special

IMG_2763 b&w crop

One of the most important things I tell couples to remember is to not lose sight of the real reason for this day- to share the love you and your partner have for each other with the people you care about most.  You are committing to a lifetime of adventures with your best friend, and although this day is an important milestone, it is nothing compared to the life you are planning with the person you love most, so make it special and celebrate the things you love most about your love story.

Think Local


I needed to find a venue that could hold up to 300 people (we’re crazy, I know), and I wanted something that still had an intimate feel.  We found the Monrovia Historical Museum and it was perfect!  Most venues have partnerships (i.e. deals!) with local vendors so it is always worth it to ask.  From the list we were able to get package deals for discounts on local hotels for guests as well as a special package from their local rental company, First Stop Party Rentals.  We also found a high school program in Pasadena where the students work in a community garden and gain experience in floral arranging called Muir Ranch School Farm.  We saved so much by not using a traditional florist, and we had the most beautiful arrangements created by artistic high school students.

Recruit your Friends and Family

Cam and I were so lucky to have our incredibly talented friends and family members share their gifts and talents for our special day.  Our wedding cake was a gift from a family friend (and the most incredible cake I’ve ever tasted!!).  A friend of ours came out to DJ and another friend coordinated our whole day for us.  My cousin sang “Panis Angelicus” during our ceremony and her beautiful daughters (accompanied by my aunt) played violin and cello.  My life long friend, Nanea Miyata, photographed our wedding and so many others shared their gifts and talents.  Having people  you love be a part of your day makes it that much more special, and people are always happy to help so don’t be afraid to ask.

Keep it Simple


At the end of the day, this is just one day.  You don’t want to spend it being so stressed out that no one around you enjoys it.  Breathe.  Remember what is most important.  And have fun!  There are a lot of details that go into planning an event, but staying organized and not getting caught up in the small stuff will let you and your guests focus on enjoying the beauty of the day.


When you begin planning it’s important to sit down with your fiance and decide on what is most important, and what you don’t care as much about.  If photography is your thing, budget more for that and ditch the designer gown… Pick 3 things that you’re willing to splurge on and save on the items that don’t mean as much.  I’m Italian and my husband’s family is Persian and Mexican, so the food was definitely a priority for us.  Our families had food catered from Porto’s Bakery, Old Spaghetti Factory and Ava’s Mediterranean and it was incredible.  I also found sales on wine for the tables which gave us more to spend on extras like lighting for the venue and a photobooth.  It’s all about the balance!



One of the biggest frustrations of planning a wedding is having to buy so many items that can only be used for one day.  A great resource I found is the Ruffled Blog.  They have a section where you can buy/sell recycled items from your day.  I also recommend borrowing items from friends and family.  They will mean more, and you can save money on things you wouldn’t keep anyway.  One of my favorite things about my wedding was wearing my mom’s dress.  It was such a special touch and made the day even more meaningful.

DIY v. Buy


I LOVE diy projects.  I have an addiction to pinterest and I secretly binge watch HGTV, but let’s be real- there are some things that seem like a great idea in the moment that can become disastrous in reality.  (Just google pinterest fails and you’ll know what I’m talking about).  The good news is, there are websites like etsy where you can buy items that someone potentially more crafty than you have already created (like the beautiful dresses my bridesmaid’s wore!), and for everything else- there’s Michaels.  I had a great time making the table numbers, quotes, and decor for our wedding, but these things can creep up on you if you don’t budget time well and can also add up quickly, so make sure to get out those Hobby Lobby coupons, and leave the bigger projects to the experts.

Enjoy your Day

Eventually you will wake up and it will be the morning of your wedding.  Get your Starbucks and seize the day!  And remember to take moments to pause.  Be present.  Breathe.  The quirky things that happen throughout the day are what you will remember and smile about for the rest of your life, so don’t forget to enjoy it.  And when it’s over, you will be starting first day of the rest of your lives, which is what it’s all about.





Back in Action

Hey everyone!

I realize it has been quite a while since my last post but I am getting back into the swing of things and getting ready for wedding and event season!  The past few months have been a whirlwind (our wedding, honeymoon, holidays, switching day jobs, oh- and we bought a house!) so, needless to say, with the moving and hosting, it’s been a little tough to get back into the groove but I am so excited for some upcoming events and for some new music projects that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks, as well as opening my own little voice studio for beginning students.  I can’t wait to share some new music and videos and will keep everyone posted with the updates.  Love you guys and thanks again for checking out these adventures!

P.S. Here are a few pictures of the new house.  Since it’s the project I’ve spent the most time on in the past month, I figured I’d share what we’ve been up to!  (Besides shoveling down vegan donuts and browsing Home Goods at an unhealthy rate).

Cam and I were thrilled to be able to have our families over for Easter and are SO excited to have a place of our own.  So, if you ever find yourself in Rancho Cucamonga, make sure to stop by!



Southern Hospitality


Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having an amazing start to 2015.  My first adventure of the new year was a trip to Georgia!  This was my first time in the South and I was SO excited to experience Atlanta in all of it’s winter glory. (They are not kidding when they say Cold-Lanta!!)  But southern hospitality is alive and well and it was nice to spend time in a place known for it’s kindness and slower pace of living, and to check out some of the hot spots! (See what I did there?)  The point of my trip was to sing for my beautiful childhood friend’s wedding.  I have sung for many wedding ceremonies, but being able to sing from a balcony of a gorgeous church for friends who feel like family was an amazing experience for me.

“Ave Maria” is a song that is so meaningful and sacred and I was honored to sing the Schubert classic as the bride and groom gave flowers and offered prayers to Mary and Joseph.  I was also able to sneak over to Mas Music Productions and record the song the week before I left so I hope you enjoy it!

And thank you again for the support.  Every encouraging word means so much and keeps me going!!  If you like the video you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel!



Welcome to the Adventure!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2015!  I am SO excited to finally launch this blog.  Thank you for checking it out!  This past year has been a little crazy for me but I am grateful for the beautiful experiences and incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.

I’ve always been a big fan of new year’s resolutions (does meeting Andrea Bocelli count as a resolution??? This is the year… I can feel it) and I love taking extra time around the holidays to reflect on the past year and begin focusing on goals for the future.  Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to top 2014 (I got married!) I am so inspired to create more space in my life for music and can’t wait to share some new songs and music projects with you!

Thank you again to everyone for your support of my EP, Adagio, and for following this crazy experience with me!  It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other artists or feeling like you are so far from where you’d like to be, but I am learning to be at peace with the journey and to be grateful for every opportunity to share my music and work with such inspiring organizations and people.  This blog will be a way for me to share those experiences, the ups and downs of the music industry, and the adventures of the coming year.  I look forward to more books, more hugs and definitely more dreaming!  (A road trip would be pretty great too!!).


Cheers to the new year and to new adventures!  Thanks for being a part of my story and here’s to writing a good one!